The respect of Nature is Misty Stroll's major concern. I favour environmentally friendly materials and packaging as well as local suppliers. The illustrations prints are produced by a local co-op printer’s using recycled paper.

The candles are made of vegetable organic wax and essential oils or CMR and phthalate free perfumes. All jars and containers are plastic free.

Fabrics either come from salvage (scraps or second hand fabrics) or are natural and organic fabrics and if so, dyed by hand with plants, without using any chemical.

I am truly committed to producing cruelty free goods. No raw material has been tested on animals and all the paintbrushes I use are made of synthetic hair.

The plants and wood have been mindfully collected or grown, with respect fort the biotope.


Cardboard boxes and cardboard envelopes

I try to reuse my suppliers mailing boxes as much as possible. New boxes and envelopes are all certified recycled, recyclable and mostly FCS.

Cardboard tubes

The lids of the cardboard tubes are in plastic. They are meant to ensure no water or moist enter the tube. I hope I could find an alternative eventually.


The tape I am currently using is made of plastic. They are some leftover rolls I salvaged from a closing factory that was going to throw them away. Once I will be over with these, I will switch for Kraft paper tape.

Plastic sleeves

My prints, original drawings and some of my handcraft creations need to be packed in something waterproof in order to be protected. The sleeves I currently use are from polypropylene, which is recyclable. I am still searching for a biodegradable alternative. I am having some trouble sourcing this kind of items in reasonable quantity.


From 1 January 2021, all Swiss Post consignments are sent with the “pro clima” label, meaning that their carbon emissions have been offset. “All consignments” means everything from letters, parcels and small consignments right through to press products – both in Switzerland and abroad. Swiss Post covers all surcharges incurred for the carbon offsetting.

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